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Mother Earth Heart Connections Course

Rediscover your inherent connection to nature, harness the wisdom of our plant allies, and tap into your power to heal yourself and our communities. 

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Join the Mother Earth Heart Connections six month self-paced course to light a fire within you that you never knew existed. Discover how to heal yourself and your community by building deep connections with one plant ally each month, and learn the history, cultural significance, and energetic signatures of each plant. You'll receive access to the member portal with class recordings, plant monographs, and a beautiful digital monthly workbook full of the teachings, activities, and stories from the plant of the month that you may refer back to while you engage with them. Reconnect with Mother Earth and tap into the wisdom of our ancestors.

"I really wanted to get into herbalism but didn't really know where to start as all the information out there feels so overwhelming. Tatiana has such a unique and beautiful way of explaining the plants and this course really helped me build the trust in myself to go out and connect with the earth and confidently share my knowledge."

-Alecia H.

All plants are teacher plants
 and as our older siblings in creation, they provide us with templates to raise our consciousness, our vibration, to a level where true healing can take place. They help us to shed the layers of conditioning that block us from our true selves

Other beings in nature (Plants, Trees, Water, Minerals, Animals, Insects, Fish, and others) communicate on different levels than humans normally do—on an energetic level. This is a common language that we also understand, but many of us have forgotten.

¬†When we deepen this communication with plants we also deepen our communication with¬†ourselves, who we actually are and what our soul craves. One beautiful quote from Albert Einstein goes¬†‚ÄúThe intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.‚ÄĚ

Our culture teaches us to worship the brain and belittle our feelings and intuition, that it is unsafe to stop producing and 'doing' long enough to check in with our inner authority. We are taught to bypass our inner knowing to seek external authorities to validate us or tell us about ourselves which leaves us seeking things outside of ourselves to make us feel happy, fulfilled, and whole. 

Our bodies are sacred and powerful. These vessels are made from the dirt of the earth and the dust of the stars and we are here to 'be', to feel, to experience not to 'do' and produce. Plants help us to remember that we are inherently worthy and have everything we need within us, they teach us how to be human. They hold us so we can remember the language of energy and tune back into our bodies and intuition.

When we don't honor ourselves and listen to the cry of our bodies, of our souls, it manifests into chronic dis-ease in a desperate attempt to get our attention. And in this culture, we usually just attempt to silence these responses by suppressing our symptoms with prescribed medication which doesn't actually get at the root of the issue.

This course is for anyone who wants to help that voice of their intuition grow louder. Who want to remember that joy and self-love are our birthright, that we are inherently worthy of everything our souls desire. Who are ready to stand confidently in their purpose, held by Mother Earth.

Our Mother Earth Heart Connections course is more than a lecture‚ÄĒ it is a community of activated people ready to be agents of change by helping themselves so they can help others.

If this resonates with you, if you are ready to answer the call of your soul, let this be an activation. Join MEHC below.


We look forward to journeying with you!

MEHC Six Month Self-Paced Course 

Access to the Member Portal with all class recordings and plant monographs

Six Beautiful Digital Workbooks full of the teachings, activities, and stories from the plant of the month that you may refer back to while you engage with them.

Our allies for this course are Hawthorn, White Pine, Calendula, Wild Violet, California Poppy, and Wood Sorrel. 



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