Ministry of Neteru (MoN) is a Temple, a community, a resting place.

Our mission is to bring us all into the remembrance of how to live in deep partnership and reciprocity with Mother Earth and our human and non-human ancestors, realizing our inherent connection to all of life, so we can step fully into our power and align with our unique purpose/mission.

We are a hub for likeminded Earth Stewards to find each other, wellness spaces, education, and support along their healing journey and path on this Earth.

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The MoN Team

Rev. Empress Zella Taj Kan-Aset Xi
, M.S., M.Th
Creator & Founder of MoN
Medicine Woman and High Priestess

Dr. Tiara A Carter, PhD
Education and Community Integration Director

International Psychologist, Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Healer

Empress Ka Ma’at
Marketing and Communications Manager

Multifaceted Healing Practitioner

Our Founding Theology

The universal source is divinely present in everyone at all times. Deep feelings of connection, wisdom, and clarity are available through the expansiveness of the present moment—the ability to bear witness to the present moment with radical acceptance— and in the remembrance of the interconnected nature of life. In remembering that you are me and I am you, as within so without.

All gods, goddesses, other deities, the stars, the Earth, humans, animals, plants, rocks, and all other kin, are all very specific aspects if the Divine manifested in physical form. We are one collective consciousness, source energy. We all come from the same place and from which we will return.

As we transition into the Aquarian age, Isis-Aset is livening in many people’s hearts, the wisdom of Ancient Kemet, talks of Egypt and the Devine Neteru are whispering in the ears of the collective. 

MoN is here to bring all seekers, healers, and other Earth Stewards together so that we can feel supported on our healing journeys in community with others. Isis-Aset, the Divine Mother of all beings, and Osiris-Asar, are the spirit guides of MoN.

Statement of Activism

Spiritual activism is a protection of life—it’s the protection of our pursuit of more life and heaven on Earth. It’s the freedom, space, and protection needed to come home to ourselves and live in our purpose.

It honors the sacredness of all of creation and uses this powerful energy of love to create a community of care and reciprocity.

It honors everyone’s difference as strength.

Sacred activism challenges our current systems, which seek to divide us further and ‘modern’ activism, which is rooted in the same tactics and strategies of the oppressor and leads to burn-out and a lack of fulfillment. This challenge is an opportunity to move more toward love, empathy, and compassion as a form of leadership

We all reside within societal systems that perpetuate and encourage, or even discourage, certain behaviors or changes.

MoN is rooted in a deep understanding that these living legacies of systemic injustices result in oppression for some and unearned privilege for others—and that it actually de-humanizes all of us.

The importance lies then in the individual—as systems, by their nature, change when we do. Here in this community, we honor the sacred reciprocity of nature by practicing respect, only taking what we need, and thanking Mother Earth for the gift we have received. 

We heal ourselves within, to impact the collective energy without. As we are approaching this time of activation and evolution within society, we must remember that every action we take has a larger impact.

Our Principles

  • MoN is organized on a democratic basis. All members have equal privilege within it, we grow together and there is no hierarchy.
  • MoN honors all religious beliefs and values and is not exclusive. The Divine Neteru are expansive and members are free to maintain other religious allegiances.
  • MoN believes in the promotion of Love, Beauty, and Abundance. No encouragement is given to asceticism.
  • MoN seeks to develop knowledge, wisdom, and community.
  • MoN reverences all manifestations of Life. The rites exclude any form of sacrifice, whether actual or symbolic.
  • MoN aims to inform about the Divine Neteru, particularly Isis-Aset and Osiris-Asar, presenting their wisdom back into this modern age of transformation as we move into the New Earth.
  • Membership of MoN is open to all, of every religion, tradition, race, and class.
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