Ministry of Neteru (MoN) is a Temple, a community, a resting place.

MoN is a non-profit Tribal Organization.

Our mission is to bring us all into the remembrance of how to live in deep partnership and reciprocity with Mother Earth and our human and non-human ancestors, realizing our inherent connection to all of life, so we can step fully into our power and align with our unique purpose/mission.

We are a hub for likeminded Earth Stewards to find each other, wellness spaces, education, and support along their healing journey and path on this Earth.

MoN is a world-wide community. 

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The MoN Team

Rev. Empress Zella Taj Kan-Aset Xi
, M.S., M.Th
Creator & Founder of MoN
Medicine Woman and High Priestess

Dr. Tiara A Carter, PhD
Education and Community Integration Director

International Psychologist, Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Healer

Empress Ka Ma’at
Marketing and Communications Manager

Multifaceted Healing Practitioner

About the MoN Temple

Our Founding Theology

The spiritual framework of the MoN Temple

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Our Statement of Activism

Why and how we are rooted in activism

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Our Principles

The principles that govern the MoN Temple and how we care for each other

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Where You Can Find Us

We have connections and partnerships all over the country and abroad and support communities virtually and physically all over, but you can also visit us in person at one of our two locations. 

Asheville, NC
Temple HQ & Eco-sanctuary 

This is a secluded mountain cove in the Pisgah National Forest, ringed by the mountains and bordered by two cascading creeks which separate us from the National Forest. At the MoN Temple HQ & Eco-Sanctuary we welcome intimate member-only gatherings, retreats, and other wellness events for rest and recalibration. 

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D.C. Temple House 

Our D.C. Temple House in the Edgewood neighborhood of D.C. is a beautiful oasis in the city for connection. We hold monthly potluck circles, classes, workshops, and other wellness events here. This is a private member house open only for scheduled events and gatherings. MoN Temple members receive a 20% discount on all events in the Temple House along with access to member-only gatherings.

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MoN was founded on the knowledge that healing and remembering our connection to the cosmic web of life is our birthright and that every being holds spirit.

We're a place to learn from grounded healers, tap into your inherent wisdom, and connect with likeminded community to remember our power to dream a new dream of what's possible on Earth.

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