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We're a place to learn from grounded healers, tap into your inherent wisdom, and connect with likeminded community to remember our power to dream a new dream of what's possible on Earth. 

Here at MoN we not only honor all faith-based traditions but aim to create a world where everyone is free to practice and has the same freedoms. We have a sacred duty to our fellows to make sure the world is safe for all and all can live in heaven on Earth.

Our mission is to bring us all into the remembrance of how to live in deep partnership and reciprocity with Mother Earth and our human and non-human ancestors, realizing our inherent connection to all of life, so we can step fully into our power and align with our unique purpose/mission.


Joining the community gives you access to:

Events and Gatherings

Monthly member updates and discounts on events, services, and gatherings from trusted healers in the New Earth Stewardship Network across the country, and abroad. All of the events are intentionally curated, expansive, and joyful containers for healing, spirituality, nature, and connection.

Full Learning Curriculum

Virtual classes and resources on healing the body, mind and spirit. We teach of our innate healing power within, relationship with the Earth, grounded spirituality, sacred activism, energetic tools, mental health and spirituality, and other related topics to aid people wherever they are on their healing journey.

Support in Rest and in Action 

First access and discounts on upcoming retreats, BIPOC friendly hostels, wellness stays, work-trade, and advocacy opportunities across the country, and abroad.

Monthly Community Gatherings

Monthly Community Integration Circle at the MoN Temple Houses in Washington D.C. and Asheville, NC for open sharing and connection. We'll build an Earth altar together to honor our human and non-human ancestors and share a potluck plant-based dinner. 

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