Washington, D.C.

Regenerative Detoxification Specialist | Food Scientist | Quantum Healing Advocate 

Gabrielle (she/her), also Gab, is a holistic space-holder, regenerative detoxification specialist, food scientist, and quantum healing advocate who focuses on health optimization, which involves addressing health issues and symptoms utilizing the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms. The gut microbiome, drainage pathways, mitochondrial health, and quantum terrain healing are some of her key research interests. She advocates that conventional medicine alone has failed to address the current epidemic of chronic inflammation. She works with clients to find nutritional and lifestyle gaps that are keeping them in a state of dis-ease and preventing them from living life as their favorite selves. Working with clients, she uses knowledge from her formal institutional studies, traditional indigenous ecological and spiritual teachings, and direct lived experience form healing personal chronic illness. She equips each client with the tools they need to have a well-informed relationship with food while recharging and maintaining optimal energy levels throughout the day. You can stay connected with Gabrielle on Instagram at @mindbodyg.



  • Virtual 1:1 Health Optimization Sessions