Jícara Ancestral Remedies

Washington, D.C.

Integrative Cacao Circles | Ceremonial Cacao | Pu'er Tea

Jícara Ancestral Remedies provides integrative remedies for mind, body, and spirit. We are honored to offer the highest grade cacao paste from Alto Verapaz, Guatemala, and loose leaf Pu'er from an ancient tea tree farm in Yunnan, China. Jícara Remedies believes healing is a holistic and integrative process. It requires patience, diligence, and learning the language of your unique and individual body. When we strive to align our mind, body, and spirit, we can develop a foundation for better health and lifestyle. 

Jícara Remedies also offers and facilitates monthly integrative cacao circles as well as Chinese tea ceremonies. You can find them across the DMV sharing their remedies with the community at events, markets, and private events. To learn more about their products and mission visit or on Instagram and Facebook @jicararemedies.