Lady Kay

Washington, D.C.

Holistic Health Coach | Meditation Instructor | Womb Wellness |Retreat Curator |

Kaylee "Lady Kay" Lambert is a Certified Integrative Health Coach, Meditation Instructor, Retreat Coordinator, Yogi, and Vaginal Steam Practitioner. Raised by a village of women from Virginia Beach, VA, she has always led with sisterhood at her core. Within the last decade she has been devoted to her own soul care journey through mindfulness, intentional living, and guiding women to themselves on a holistic level. In 2021, she created SunSoulistic, a Feminine Wellness Company, designed to hold sacred spaces for women to cultivate peace both on and off their period. Since then she has used her gifts to make mindfulness and menstruation a part of conversation in corporate, nonprofit, and community spaces. You can stay connected with Lady Kay at and on Instagram @SunSoulistic. 



  •  In Home Vaginal Steam Services
  •   Guided Meditation with Sound Healing Therapy 
  •   Make Peace with Your Period Ebook
  •  1:1 Period Consultations + Group Period Coaching 
  •   Retreat Host + Coordinator
  •   Corporate Wellness Programs 

Upcoming Offering:

  • SunSoulSundays: FREE Virtual Community Healing (Meditation + Intentional Conversation) First Sunday of Every Month
  • Rooted in Flow Women's Retreat in Belize October 2024