Washington, D.C.

Artist | Guide |  Educator

As a dedicated artist, guide and educator, NNIL’s mission is to assist seekers on their path towards spiritual decolonization and rediscovery of their own divinity. The various tools they use—Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and others—are just catalysts. The true transformation occurs when one learns to harness these tools to unlock the immense power that lies within you, the power that is your true Self. NNIL’s role is to help you reclaim your power from external sources that may have inadvertently claimed it. Through their sessions, you'll discover the art of creating your own answers, deciphering the language of your intuition, and shaping your own spiritual narrative. Together, you’ll navigate the path of self-empowerment, encouraging you to become the author of your own life story—a story that resonates with your truest self. You can stay connected with NNIL at on Instagram @neeknil, and TikTok @TheMultihyphenate



  • Tarot Divination
  • Natal Chart Analysis
  • Energy Clearing/Assessment
  • Dream Analysis
  • Astrology Education/Workshop Facilitator
  • Tarot Education/Workshop Facilitator
  • Numerology Education/Workshop Facilitator
  • Creative Consultation (music, strategy, content creation)