Nicholson Porter

 Washington, D.C.

Peace Consultation | Photography Prints for Wellbeing

Through Nicholson's (he/him) experience he has learned the universe’s most important desire is to expand. As beings connected to this cosmic rise, it is also our greatest aspiration to join this ongoing evolution. I’ve come to understand the most effective way for this to happen is to simply get with the program! To learn to invest in the flow of life along its journey towards greater levels of itself. Just as we invest in the stock market & receive a return after sometime if we make the right moves, so do we change for the better when we make the right moves within ourselves. It is my intention to position your body, mind, & energy in this natural current of power so you can experience life’s magic for yourself!

For you to use its stream to positively enable every aspect of your life is my intention. Trees need to be rooted in the soil to blossom, & human beings need to be rooted in serenity to do the same. After honing the practices of meditative living & fine art photography for 11 years, I am prepared to share with you how to achieve this way of being. In forms of the direct service of consultation, & the intuitive works of printed images, I have found methods to uncover your inherent tranquility. If this is something you’re interested in exploring, I would be honored to assist. You can stay connected with Nicholson at and on Instagram at @thenicholsonporter.



  • Peace Consultation
    • Our actions shape our lives, while rest forms the basis of our activities. Without finding inner peace, we're caught in constant reaction, leading to a rollercoaster of suffering. However, there's a holistic approach to calmness, focusing on what works and letting go of what doesn't. Through meditation, I've learned body, mind, and energy principles that lead to stillness and self-sovereignty.
    • Navigating our inner world is tough, but I've dedicated myself to this journey. Let me be your guide, saving you time and frustration as we uncover your obstacles and provide insights to overcome them.
    • We'll tailor advice based on your situation and preferences, empowering you to steer your own path towards freedom and self-expression. My goal isn't dependency but mastery over your destiny. Interested? Let's chat! Email me at [email protected]


  • Photography Prints For Wellbeing
    • Beauty not only looks pleasing to the eye, but also uplifts us at a visceral level. We all have the desire to observe beauty due to its therapeutic effects; but not every one of us has the time to invest in the right tools & training required to illustrate the tremendous beauty growing all across the natural world.
    • Through my training of meditation I’ve practiced in tandem with photographic art, I have developed a style of imagery that resonates with the vibration of serenity. I have used my meditative nervous system & art education as tuning forks to seek, find, & capture Zen infused visuals to share with you. If you’d like any of these pieces to embellish your space, let’s talk about which one works best for you.