Wealth Reclamation Academy of Practitioners (WRAP)

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Mobilizing Resources | Reimagining Philanthropy 

Wealth Reclamation Academy of Practitioners (WRAP)* represents a diverse cross section of the two primary actors in traditional philanthropy, fundraisers and funders, working together to reimagine fundraising’s most traditional and uninspiring forms.

WRAP provides professional development, continuing education, and coaching support for ‘Resource Mobilizers,’ emerging wealth reclamation practitioners, in contrast to the ‘fundraisers’, ‘development professionals’, ‘program officers,’ and ‘donors’ of philanthropy.

Our working definition of wealth reclamation is: The process of rehabilitating extracted and privately controlled wealth to restore and nurture community health and vitality. Our introductory curriculum, Tool No.4, is a loose incense blend of medicinal plants formulated to support ancestral healing and calibrated to a visionary economic framework called the Just Transition. The blend’s main ingredient is Amaranth, an ancient plant ancestor among people and cultures all across the world.

*WRAP is a fiscally-sponsored project of the social justice nonprofit Allied Media Projects (AMP).

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