Dr. Tee

Washington, D.C.

Mental Health Therapist | International Psychologist | Custom Tea Blends

 Dr. Tee is an International Psychologist, licensed mental health therapist, plant mama, and intergenerational change agent. Through her knowledge and experience of the mind’s energetic field, she infuses plant medicine, herbalism, and African American spirituality to create and hold space for both individual and collective healing.

Dr. Tee believes that each person’s journey towards empowerment and self-actualization is rooted in the two Afrocentric principles of Ubuntu (“I am because we are”) and Sankofa (“go back and get it”). At her core, Dr. Tee believes these principles sit at the intersectionality of individual wellness, belonging in community, and communion with nature’s holistic offerings. She is also the founder of The Tea Room Co. connect with Dr. Tee on instagram at @thetearoomco_



  • International Psychology
  • Mental Health Therapy
  • Custom Herbal Tea Blends/Events