Empress Ka

Washington, D.C.

Yoga Instructor | Naturopathic Doula | Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner | Event Coordinator | Meditation Instructor 

Meet Makayla “Empress Ka Ma’at”, approaching twenty-two driven with intention to serve as a natural living advocate. Originally from Landover, Maryland although life’s spontaneous callings made way for Empress Ka to Atlanta, Little Haiti, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia to share light on healthy living alongside renowned pillars in those communities. Certified as a Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, and most recently a Naturopathic Doula. Empress Ka is seeking ways improve her technique, and expand foundation.

You can stay connected with Empress Ka on Instagram at @TheFineDiviner and @TransmutationOasis.


  • Meditation & Yoga

  • Holy Fire Reiki

  • Naturopathic Doula