Work With Empress Zella Taj

Spiritual Mentorship & Pastoral Guidance 

Spiritual mentorship aims to restore overall balance rather than just treating symptoms. It's about embracing harmony, understanding resistance to change, and integrating core wounds and the shadow to unify the spiritual, mental and physical bodies. In a 1:1 mentorship, the goal is to create a space for your natural healing wisdom to emerge. 

As an interfaith minister and spiritual guide, Empress Zella Taj works to help you tune back into your intuitive voice— to more clearly hear your inner authority, and align with your life's path and purpose.

Custom Ceremonies

Each ceremony is a unique experience.

As an Interfaith Minister, Empress Zella Taj is able to meet individuals exactly where they are with understanding and honor many traditions, beliefs, and/or rituals that hold significance for the individual. Empress Zella Taj is available to hold ceremonies for birthdays, weddings, deaths, divorce, naming rituals, birth ceremonies, land/nature spirit consultation rituals, and others.

Private Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony

Our goal is to bring everyone back into the remembrance that we have the ability to heal ourselves

Return to balance of mind, body, and spirit. Anytime we are suppressing or blocking anything in our bodies & energy fields (emotions, feelings, self-expression), we are creating space for stagnation and tension which often leads to physical symptoms and imbalances.

These are preferably in-person sessions (although can be virtual) where we will work with a few plant doctors for profound healing. One to first clear any stagnation and bring yourself back into your body, and then with another to promote the alignment of your body, mind, and spirit. These may be single sessions or a series of sessions. Every person is a unique and complex system so my sessions are tailored for each person.

Sessions may include a combination of plant medicine, energy work, and spiritual direction. Here at MoN we hold that we cannot heal permanently unless we address the root—we can heal the physical body but if the imbalance begins energetically, it will keep coming back.

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